Glastechnik Berlin. Glas, Duschen, Nischenduschen, Eckduschen, Rundduschen, Glasveredelung, Wandspiegel, Badspiegel, Glasduschen, Ganzglasanlagen, Ätz- und Sandstrahlarbeiten.

Glastechnik Showers, shower cubicles and glass partition walls. Individual production according to your measurements.

All glass showers , showers and shower stalls such as niche shower , corner shower , bathtub screen , Bathtub Folding Wall and Bathtub Top is our Home Made. A selection of all shower types can be found at Showers Types
You can send us a direct inquiry by Shower Request.
Mostly installation situations of niche showers, corner showers, bath screen, pentagonal shower and U-showers

Glastechnik lacquered glass kitchen backsplash

Our new page for configuring Lacquered Glass Domestic Appliances is online. Now you can specify and inquire exactly the exact dimensions of your Lacquered glass kitchen back wall and holes for light switches and sockets.

Glastechnik showers

Here you can see a selection of the most commonly used showers - shower types. All showers are made of safety glass (ESG) 8 mm clear glass. Optionally, other types of glass, coatings, corner cutouts, motifs or else roof trimmings can be added.
As a corner shower , niche shower or on the bath as bathtub screen - bath screen .


Single glass, insulating glass, safety glass, glass repair and billing with insurance, wall mirror, bathroom mirrors, showers, all-glass systems, shop windows, toughened safety glass, toughened safety glass, partially tempered glass TVG, walk-in glass, parapet and overhead glazing, UV bonding, maintenance and care work.

Art Glass

In the art glassworks we use very different techniques, including the melting of glass. Some of our techniques are: leaded glass, corundum or glass bead blasting, etching, step etching, ice blading, surface finishing, silver, gold and other metal plating, restoration, reconstruction, design, modern and historical motifs.

Glastechnik Shop

In our Internet Shop let us present you different articles from our assortment. Washbasin showers, niche showers, corner showers, pentagonal showers, round showers, U-showers, bathtub foldings, shower seals, shower fittings, angle brackets, Pauli + Sohn shower fittings such as Flamea, Flamea +, Nivello, Nivello +, Farfalla, Pontere, Flinter, Pilango and sliding glass doors, wall mirror, bathroom mirror , Kitchen splashbacks and mirror mounts.

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