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Bath mirror - wall mirror

Mirrors offer many possibilities for interior design. In particular, floor-to-ceiling mirrors can visually expand the room. This can be applied to narrow living spaces, narrow but deep bistros, small hotel receptions. Objects, such as Trinkets are upgraded by presentation in a reflective environment and can also be viewed from all sides. Among the fields of application of mirrors include: shops, restaurants, hotel and ticket halls, museums, exhibition stand construction, furniture, schools, kindergartens, sports facilities. For information or inquiries you can use our contact form or send us an email to .
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Bath mirror and Wall mirror

Here you can see a selection of our bathroom mirrors. All of these mirrors have a circumferential facet and are matted from the back with an ornamental pattern. Depending on your wishes, we can illuminate the back of the mirror with LED or Slim tubes or with power outlets, switch-off buttons. The mirrors have a hidden suspension, so they are not seen. Of course, we also produce custom mirrors according to your wishes or patterns.

Bad-Spiegel-GTS-046.jpg Bad-Spiegel-GTS-062.jpg Bad-Spiegel-GTS-051.jpg Bad-Spiegel-GTS-051A.jpg Bad-Spiegel-GTS-052.jpg Bad-Spiegel-GTS-053.jpg Bad-Spiegel-GTS-054.jpg Bad-Spiegel-GTS-055.jpg Bad-Spiegel-GTS-056.jpg Bad-Spiegel-GTS-058.jpg Bad-Spiegel-GTS-059.jpg Bad-Spiegel-GTS-060.jpg Bad-Spiegel-GTS-061.jpg Bad-Spiegel-GTS-047.jpg Bad-Spiegel-GTS-048.jpg Bad-Spiegel-GTS-049.jpg Bad-Spiegel-GTS-057.jpg

Crystall mirror
These are coated float glass according to DIN 1238. They are used in living areas as wall, furniture and sanitary mirrors.

Glass back mirror
A mirror alternative for highest loads. For applications where increased protection against damage to the silver or paint layers is required, such as in wet areas with exceptionally high, permanent humidity or aggressive vapors, but also where for the environment chemical cleaners are needed as in swimming pools, spas, saunas , Hospitals and schools.

Double mirror
To create a double mirror, two 3 mm mirrors are glued to one another with the varnished surfaces using a special adhesive and then sanded. Such double-sided reflecting elements are mainly used as mirror doors in the bathroom and furniture sector. For this purpose, double mirrors can be provided with hinged shoes, which allow the use in on-site mounted hinges on furniture, mirror cabinets, etc.

In our internet shop we present you different articles from our assortment. Glass showers, shower seals, sliding glass doors, wall mirrors, bathroom mirrors, glass plates and mirror mounts. You will also find ready-cut, self-adhesive sandblast films, glass decorative films, privacy films, glass signs, fittings and accessories. You can also find different films with different properties (such as sun and UV protection or translucent). The motifs of the sandblasting and glass decoration films range from Modern, Art level, Rococo, Baroque, Floral, Fauna, Egyptian, Greek, 15th to the 20th century.

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