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Niche showers, Walk in niche showers, ground level niche showers in the bathroom

Niche showers by Glastechnik-Berlin. Walk in niche showers, ground level niche showers. Your niche shower can have different opening types. We build your niche shower with swivel, swing or folding doors. We also take into account cut-outs for shelves, sloping ceilings or additional holders, for example for towels. A niche shower can be built on a shower tray or even at ground level, as a walk in a niche shower, so handicapped accessible and barrier-free.
There are many different ways to have a niche shower installed as a shower cubicle. A niche shower with revolving door is only useful in bathrooms with a little more freedom, as the shower doors are mostly open to the outside. If you have a niche shower with the dimensions 80x80cm or 90x90cm, then the shower door will protrude 80cm or 90cm into the room.
A single shower door is useful only in niche showers, where the niche showers depth, is deeper than the width of the shower door. Since the faucets and holders are fixed in the showers, the width of the shower door should be measured accurately.
Mostly it's niche showers with more than one glass. The shower doors of the niche shower is thus usually limited to a width of about 60 to 75cm. The opening types of the niche showers can vary. It can be a niche shower with revolving door, a niche shower folding door or even a niche shower with swing door.
Additional items such as towel rails, hooks and stoppers for niche showers can already be taken into consideration when planning your niche shower.

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Fittings for Niche showers


Farfalla  Flamea  Flinter  Fluture  Papillon  Pontere


BF132  BH200  BO415  BO460  BO415

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