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Insulating glass

Insulating glasses are functional glasses. These can have thermal protection, sun protection or sound insulation properties. In an insulating glass one can combine also several of these characteristics, like heat, sun protection or burglary, noise protection. The most important thing is that the energy loss through the glass is minimized. You can find out about some of these properties here. If you need more information or would like to send us a request for your insulating glass panes, you can use our Contact form or send us an E-Mail to


Coating positions of a double insulating glass unit.
The thin-film coatings are applied to the SZR facing positions 2 and 3 and protected from external influences.

Sun protection:
Reflecting, absorbing or selectivity enhancing coatings are typically in position 2.

Heat protection:
Coatings to improve the thermal insulation properties are usually applied to position 3.

WärmeschutzHeat protection
Thermal insulation glass can nowadays achieve a Ug value of 0.5 W / mēK (according to EN 673). With disc spacings (SZR) between 8 and 24 mm in two- or three glass constructions, filling the disc spaces with dehumidified air or noble gases and technologically high-quality coatings of the used discs cover both the provisions of the Heat Insulation Ordinance and all the requirements for thermal insulation services, which in consist of various applications.

SonnenschutzSun protection
Sun protection lenses prevent unpleasant heating in the interior and thus relieve the air conditioning systems. You save energy and actively contribute to reducing the environmental impact. For the first time, the Heat Insulation Ordinance takes into account the solar energy gains achieved by the glass, which are calculated from the g-values and the solar radiation dependent on the respective compass direction. Sunscreens get their effect by coloring or coating. The type of coloring or coating determines the color impression, the transparency, reflection and functional properties. The sunblinds can therefore be optimally matched to their respective task. They are also interesting for the design. a color coordinated facade panel.

The protection against noise is an important prerequisite for healthy living and living conditions. If the noise emission can not be reduced directly at the source, remedial measures must be taken with the help of structural sound insulation. The sound insulation of facades and windows depends on a variety of factors, which have different influences in each case. The acoustic behavior of a component can be characterized by a value. For glass, this is done using the rated sound reduction factor Rw. For this purpose, the sound attenuation at the respective center frequency of the third range between 100 Hz and 3150 Hz is determined. Modern soundproofing Insulating glass is constructed according to the principle of unequal pane thicknesses, elastic pane combinations and damping panes between panes. It is important that attention is paid to a correspondingly good design of the window frame, the tightness of the joints and all adjacent components. In general, if the noise level drops by 10 dB, this is perceived as halving the noise impression.

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