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Kitchen splashbacks made of glass as a splash guard behind hobs or sinks.

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Kitchen Backsplash made off glass

Küchenrückwände aus Glas

Lacquered, printed or stylized

Design and functionality: Glass Kitchen Backsplashes can have different properties. They not only protect the wall surface from sharpeners and impurities but can also be seen as an independent design element.
On the one hand, the transparency of the glass can show or obscure the underlying one. For this we use only high quality glass. To bring color to your kitchen again Lacobel, Matelac or custom-made.
In the production of glass panes as kitchen Backsplash existing sockets and other cutouts are incorporated. Existing sockets are dismantled during assembly and replaced after installation of the glass pane.
If you need more information or would like to make an appointment with us you can use our Contact form. A first inquiry you can send us gladly with the Kitchen Backsplash inquiry.
More information about the Lacobel and Matelac glasses can also be found under Downloads.
Courtesy of Merten Nibbes Architects

Küchenrückwand Lacobel

Lacquered glass

Brillant:We only use high quality glass to add color to your kitchen. Lacobel, these are lacquered glasses with shiny surfaces in different RAL tones.
Below you will see a selection of colors and effect paints.
Further information about the Lacobel glasses can be found under Downloads.

Küchenrückwand Lacobel classic beige Küchenrückwand Lacobel classic black Küchenrückwand Lacobel classic grey Küchenrückwand Lacobel classic orange Küchenrückwand Lacobel dark brown Küchenrückwand Lacobel dark red Küchenrückwand Lacobel fuchsia Küchenrückwand Lacobel jungle green Küchenrückwand Lacobel light beige Küchenrückwand Lacobel light brown Küchenrückwand Lacobel luminous blue Küchenrückwand Lacobel luminous green Küchenrückwand Lacobel luminous red Küchenrückwand Lacobel metal blue Küchenrückwand Lacobel metal grey Küchenrückwand Lacobel metal taupe Küchenrückwand Lacobel pastel blue Küchenrückwand Lacobel pastel green Küchenrückwand Lacobel pearl white Küchenrückwand Lacobel pure white Küchenrückwand Lacobel rich aluminium Küchenrückwand Lacobel rich copper Küchenrückwand Lacobel rich gold Küchenrückwand Lacobel soft white Küchenrückwand Lacobel starlight black

Effect paints
Küchenrückwand Lacobel effect diamond dust Küchenrückwand Lacobel effect icecrack Küchenrückwand Lacobel effect spinnweben Küchenrückwand Lacobel effect skarabäusgrüen


Küchenrückwand Matelac


Lacquered and satined glass: These glasses are lacquered just like Lacobel glasses but with one difference: they are also satin. One side of the glass is varnished and the other one is satin, so they are not glossy but matt in appearance.
Of course, these glass panes can be used not only in kitchens but everywhere, e.g. as wall cladding or in furniture design.
More information about the Matelac glasses is also available at Downloads.

Küchenrückwand Matelac Classic Black Küchenrückwand Matelac Classic Orange Küchenrückwand Matelac dark red Küchenrückwand Matelac deep grey Küchenrückwand Matelac luminous red Küchenrückwand Matelac metal blue Küchenrückwand Matelac metal grey Küchenrückwand Matelac pure white Küchenrückwand Matelac silver Küchenrückwand Matelac silver bronze Küchenrückwand Matelac silver grey Küchenrückwand Matelac soft white

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