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Etching on glass is a very old technique that is barely performed today. The glass surface is processed with different chemicals. This gives a mat or diffuse view with different depths. By using different mixtures, the surface structure can also be changed.
We can restore, repair or completely rebuild your old, damaged glass panes with etch motif. With stepped etching, up to 12 depths are possible. Of course, we can also design for you individually, according to your or our ideas.

In our Internet Shop Let us present you different articles from our assortment. Ganglas showers, shower seals, sliding glass doors, wall mirrors, bathroom mirrors, glass plates and mirror suspension. You will also find ready-cut, self-adhesive sandblast films, glass decorative films, privacy films, glass signs, fittings and accessories. You can also find different films with different properties (such as sun and UV protection or translucent). The motifs of the sandblasting and glass decoration films range from Modern, Art level, Rococo, Baroque, Floral, Fauna, Egyptian, Greek, 15th to the 20th century.

To reconstruct glass plate with step etching. This glass plate with etch motif had cracked and broken at various points. It was already very yellowed and the edges were painted over with paint. The associated couple was no longer available. We have made a motif of the original faithful drawing and transferred so the subject on a new glass.

In the execution of the new glass pane, this was covered with acid-resistant film and transferred the motif. Thereafter, the areas to be etched were exposed. The foil is cut by hand with a scalpel-like knife and the foil is peeled off; in finer places, acid-resistant lacquers are applied with a brush and set free with the etching needle. Thereafter, the etching sequence is carried out at the first Etch.

Detail from the Reconstructed Glass.
After the first etching, the motif is matte and has a closed structure. Thereafter, the glass sheet is covered a second time with foil or varnish and the areas for the second etching stage are exposed. The second level creates a bright view. Then the glass is covered with foil for the third time and prepared for the third stage. The third stage is the so-called deep etching. At the same time, the surface has received a deeper hue but at the same time allows a diffuse view.
In this order up to 12 depths can be made. The surface structure can also be influenced and combined with different techniques. But this whole process is the purest craft..

The production

Das Motiv.       Zum Ätzen Freigelegte Scheibe.       Abziehen der Folie nach dem Ätzen.
First the motif is             Foil exposed for etching          After the etching
selected                                                                      lift the film

Detail vom abziehen der Folie.       Das Mattgeätzte Glas.       Ansicht mit seitlichem Lichteinfall.
Detail from                The matt etched glass               View with side light
lift the film                                                                                 

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